Our Story

How AussieYou started

AussieYou Travel is the result of years of work by "Head Honcho" Justin Steele. A former corporate lawyer who escaped his desk job in search of a happier industry, Justin worked in a range of tourism roles before starting AussieYou Travel in 2018. 

Justin previously worked as a receptionist in boutique hotels and hostels, as a free walking tour guide and as a freelance tourism consultant before starting his own tours in early 2018. Originally exclusively through Airbnb Experiences, AussieYou's tours are now available for everyone! 

But the story doesn't stop there. AussieYou Travel is not just a tour operator, but also an online travel agent. The difference between us and other travel agents is that we only work with the best-rated Aussie operators in each destination. Because AussieYou Travel was started by a tour guide, we know what makes a tour truly special. So you can be assured you're travelling with the best! 

Our mission

AussieYou Travel's mission is to provide high-quality, small-group experiences that bring together travellers from all over the world.

We believe that the most memorable trips are ones where you make new lifelong friends, while experiencing the culture and learning about the history of your destination. All our tours are focused on "social travel" where your guide or leader will not only educate and entertain you but also be the social connector to bring the group together.

Our pledge

AussieYou Travel will donate 10% of all profits to charitable causes. Our current partner charities include the Intrepid Foundation, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and Trickle Up.